Weight30 kg
Max payload weight200 kg

Agility / Compactness / Security / Performance

Facilitating today the logistics of tomorrow's city

Compact and agile for an all-time

performance in congested urban areas

With its two large wheels, its lowered center of  gravity and its ground clearance of 18cm, ensure the Runner good stability conditions while avoiding city obstacles.

The Runner weave easily in and out trafic as well as bike paths.

Triple your loading capacity while remaining agile and fast.

Parked in an upright position, it takes up very little space in your premises.

Linked to the supply chain

Designed towards standards boxes used in deliveries, the Runner trailer is a natural link to the supply chain.

The handle has a brake lever and can be adjusted to 4 positions:

  • At hand height for the last few meters on foot

  • Horizontal to attach to the bike

  • Oriented towards the ground to support the trailer with the load horizontal

  • Ramp position in oder to load castors containers

Above all, safety !

The Runner meets the regulatory requirements by its overrun braking system that is activated in proportion to the braking power of the bicycle  a brake handle on the trailer drawbar allows you to brake when walking, and to block the brakes when parked .

Lights and reflective tapes ensure visibility of the trailer behind the bike, to make sure not to be forgotten by other vehicles.

Made in France quality

The trailer is developed and assembled in our workshop with top quality components:

  • Aluminium powder-coated frame made in France

  • 20p wheel - Double-walled rims 650 Mach1® series - Stainless steel spokes - Aivee® hubs

  • Inertia brake + manual control TRP Spyre®

  • Tires Schwalbe® Super Moto-X 20×2,4″

  • Rear lights Busch+Muller secula®