Price start at€1,750
Weight34 kg
Max payload weight150 kg

The XYZ CARGO TRIKE is a three-wheeled cargo cycle for transporting persons or even heavy loads in a stable way.

The cargo box of XYZ CARGO TRIKE is situated in the front, so the driver can always keep an eye on what’s happening inside. Several modules are available to be attached to the front box in order to extend the functionality of XYZ CARGO TRIKE.

Unlike traditional three-wheeled cargo cycles, the XYZ CARGO features a so called Ackermann-steering, which is usually only to be found in cars. This makes the XYZ CARGO easy to control even at high speeds and the maneuverability under heavy loads stays smooth.

Two years of development have made the XYZ CARGO a state-of-the-art cargo cycle , that not only lives up to any other commercial cargo cycle, but also stays an open source concept you can modify yourself.

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  • Weight: 34kg, size: 208x94x105cm (LxWxH),
  • Box: size 55×80 cm; plating: unbreakable transparent Polycarbonate sheets
  • Loading capacity: 150kg plus driver weight
  • Frame: Aluminum frame fully anodized; stainless bolts and self-securing nuts
  • Gears: 8 gear Shimano Nexus / Alfine internal gear hub
  • Braking system: front: 90mm Sturmey Archer drum brakes inkl. synchronous braking system for front wheels; back: Shimano rollerbrake (in basic setup) and disc brake (in E-Bike-versions and Alfine-8-gear-Uprgades)
  • Wheels: 20” front, 26” rear; Heavy-duty quality wheels: with double-wall aluminum rim, thick stainless spokes (2,34mm) and reinforced axle (12mm)
  • Tires: Puncture-proof Schwalbe Marathon Plus
  • Saddle: height adjustable with quick release lever (Optional, not standard)
  • Optional: mudguards, children seats, door for front box, rack over the rear wheel, bicycle lights Busch & Müller, rain-cover, etc
  • E-Bike Upgrade / Optional Electric Motor System incl. disc brake: +1370EU / +10.200DKK, specifications: extra strong 250W/36V hub motor in the rear wheel,  Li-Ion battery (long-life technology / 2 years warranty), throttle for speed control; complies to EU-regulations for electric assist motors; including rear disc brake

Price for a fully-assembled XYZ CARGO TRIKE:

1750EU  //  13.000 DKK   (incl. VAT)

(orders can be placed

Several modules have been developed that can be put on top of the existing XYZ CARGO to transform its functionality:

  • roof and table module
  • passenger seat module
  • A kitchen module with table, roof and sink – transforming the XYZ CARGO to a XYZ MARKET CYCLE, a XYZ FOOD CYCLE or a XYZ COFFEE CYCLE
  • A platform module – transforming the XYZ CARGO in a 1.5x3m large movable space, while from a legal point of view still staying a normal bicycle. The platform can carry different functions like a park or a small house. It can be used to reclaim public space or to repurpose  parking lots for a more meaningful use. See manual for PARKCYCLE SWARM at

A large number of further adaptions has been developed by the community of DIY-builders, who have build their own XYZ SPACEFRAME VEHICLES around the globe. If you want to share some of your adaptions with us, please mail them to: