Price start at €4,080
Foldable no
Electric yes
Weight 30.5 kg
Max payload weight 170 kg

Not only in Germany peoples’ lives increasingly focus on the cities. Urban life in fast, spontaneous and vivid and is confined to a very narrow space.

The muli is especially designed for this kind of life. It is on the one hand a cargo bike with a lowly positioned cargo basket of 90l capacity. Equipped with a powerful Pendix middle motor you can transport your children to the kindergarten, large grocery shopping back home, bbq and camping chairs to the park without any effort. You can choose between the three modes Eco, Smart and Sport easily with a quick shift at the battery. No display required.

With a folded basket the muli turns into a super quick and flexible bicycle for daily life, with which you can cover your regular routes. With a total length of only 195cm and a width of 28cm your muli is so slim that you can use the entire bicycle infrastructure. You can take it with you on the underground, it fits into every bicycle stand and bicycle cellar. You can even take it with you on vacation, for it fits easily onto every car carrier rack.