The nihola Posterbike is an attractive new platform for outdoor advertising around town. It combines the agile driving qualities of the nihola cargo bikes with the opportunity to advertise and transport promotional material.

Cities are overflowing with taxis, buses and trucks that carry advertising. These advertising platforms are not only expensive and bewildering, they are also associated with environmental pollution, noise and stress. In contrast, the nihola advertising cargo bike present an unusual eye-catcher: light, agile and safe, it transports your message through streets and squares without disturbing the public – with the bonus of environmental friendliness. The Posterbke is an advertising medium destined to change the image of the city. The products and services it promotes benefit from the association with the ecological values, mobility, fun, innovation and unconventionality of the Posterbike itself.

The basic technical difference between the nihola and the Posterbike is the size of the cylindrical transport box, which is mounted on the frame between the two front wheels. The transport cylinder of the Posterbike has been extended vertically, so as to create a more visible advertising platform, similar to a small advertising pillar. The cylinder can display three A1-size posters. Open the door of the cylinder and you find a space in which you can load up to 100 kg of promotion materials. The cylinder does not in any way obstruct the rider's view. The Posterbike offers the same stable but agile performance as the other nihola bikes.

Contact your local dealer for information about delivery and prices.